The Awards


September 2020 (to be confirmed) we will be hosting an event where we can celebrate our Charity and Volunteer Groups in the community, being held at Gloucester University

We need your help to nominate the people that make a difference on your doorstep, from people that set-up and run local charitable organisations, to people that help neighbours and vulnerable people in the community…..

Closing date for Nominations is 31st July 2020.

We have 7 categories where you can nominate organisations and people, please find the details and the form listed below:-

Best Business Support

This will be an organisation that has supported a local charity, raising vital funds to support the organisation, or supporting them in another way.  The organisation will have had a significant impact on the sustainability and/or the achievements of the VCSE organisation.

Best Innovation

A new service that has been introduced and met a need in the local community, they may have utilised technology to provide and make a difference in their community, or introduced a gathering, group, a service that makes a difference.

Community Project of the Year

To celebrate a project which is making a difference to a community from a neighbourhood partnership to a youth group, or maybe a knit and natter group. We are seeking projects that have made a difference within communities and had a positive impact on those that live there.

Young Volunteers

Under the age of 25, someone that has been volunteering for a minimum of a year, demonstrates leadership ability in their age group, demonstrates evidence of activities above and beyond what is expected.

Unsung Hero

Someone that volunteers in the community, that makes a difference to people on the ground level, work that is often overlooked.  Someone incredible that has dedicated themselves to volunteering or supporting the VCSE in some capacity.

Outstanding Contribution

Someone that has dedicated 2+ years to volunteering, made an impact on the local community.  A volunteer that has had a significant impact on their community and the people they seek to help. This individual has selflessly volunteered their time and energy to others.

Organisation of the Year

This will be a VCSE organisation that make a big difference to their service users.  This can be an existing service or a new group which that is having a lasting impact on people in a community setting. We are particularly interested in hearing about organisation that go the extra mile to support people or those that have developed services to meet a specific need within their communities.

High Sheriff's Award (Helen Lovatt)

This award is in recognition of great and valuable services to the community. The award also recognises the appreciation of the people of Gloucestershire for activity and contribution in enhancing the life of the community.

Coronavirus Response: Individual

This will be an individual in your community that has volunteered during this crisis to ensure vulnerable people are able to access what they need.  Going above and beyond the normal parameters in putting others first.

Coronavirus Response: Organisation

An Organisation that has stepped up and put the needs of the community at the forefront.  This can be in many different ways, with financial support, offering staff to volunteer in the Community, providing supplies or access to buildings.


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